Celia Jill PIERPOINT, 19382013 (aged 74 years)

Celia Jill /PIERPOINT/
Given names
Celia Jill
Married name
Celia Jill /LE GRICE/
Birth December 12, 1938

Death April 23, 2013 (aged 74 years)


The wonderful Jill Le Grice - my Mum Updated about 9 months ago Mum passed away on the July 24th, after a sudden decline in health during her struggle this year with cancer. Dad, Andrew and I were at her side as she slipped away. A cheerful, talented and selfless gem, she will be missed greatly by all who knew her. At her Service of Thanksgiving we displayed some photos of Mum down the years. Just snippets, but hopefully nice reminders of her for those who met and knew her. We often only know a person in one small part of their lives, so we included images of Mum in her early life, to help fill the gaps. Thank you Mum! You will continue to be a wonderful example of all that's great in human nature! :-) xx P.S. Please feel free to use this link if you would like to download a copy of the photos,