Valda Isobel MOIR, 19252014 (aged 88 years)

Valda Isobel /MOIR/
Given names
Valda Isobel
Married name
Valda Isobel /LE GRICE/
Birth November 17, 1925
Officer Employee

Death of a husbandPeter Leonard LE GRICE
September 1, 1995 (aged 69 years)
Note: Orakei R.S.A
Cremation of a husbandPeter Leonard LE GRICE
September 6, 1995 (aged 69 years)
Address: Purewa Crematorium
Cremation May 27, 2014 (aged 88 years)
Cremation May 27, 2014 (aged 88 years)
Family with Peter Leonard LE GRICE
Birth: July 9, 1926 38 34Devonport, North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand
Death: September 1, 1995Orakei, Auckland, New Zealand
Birth: November 17, 1925Mt Albert, Auckland, New Zealand
Cremation: May 27, 2014Auckland Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand

Valda Isabel Le Grice (nee Moir)

Three Eulogies Paul Le Grice As we children looked at our Mum in peaceful repose on Thursday I noticed her hands and they spoke to me so much of who Mum was to us and how she will always remain part of us, the long thread of intertwining life. The hands were smooth and youthful looking because she had had so much liquid nitrogen freezing by me of little skin growths that were the result of Mum being a redhead and spending much of her life outside, working hard at outdoor tasks. These were the hands which cradled each of us, lovingly held all three of us close as infants, and also later gently held each of her grandchildren. As Sue has said, these were the hands which, even when a young child herself, turned themselves to hard work; creating, repairing, refurbishing. These were the hands of a practical and organised lady who methodically kept a daily diary, beginning in her 20’s. The diaries always noted weather and events in Mum’s life and ours so that they could provide a record to be referred to when needed. Only a week ago, when Mum’s hand writing became too shaky, much to her distress, did she cease her entries. However, just as a mother is always multitasking, so Mum’s hands were so much more too. They lovingly applied bandages to our infected wounds as children, after Mum had used hot bread poultices to draw out the infection from those wounds. These hands cleaned us and helped us dress for school and other occasions. They turned themselves to making costumes and props for school plays, they produced wonderful food to nourish us and guests at our home. They were also the hands that lovingly yet firmly wielded the ruler or strap to be delivered to my legs when I needed ‘behaviour modification’! As a young child I was often sick with asthma and Mum would be with me through the long nights as I coughed and wheezed, struggling for the next breath. Her hands would be holding mine or gently stroking my brow, encouraging sleep to embrace me, as she lay beside me, vigilant, in the dark. Later, when I became an adult, these hands lovingly held mine or wrapped themselves around me, in times of pain and sorrow in my life, and for Ian and Sue at similar times in their lives. These were the hands of a loving, nurturing and always caring mother. As we celebrate Mum’s life, the memory of these hands will be a way in which I will always hold our dear Mum in my heart. Thank You Lord for our Mother!Valda Isabel Le Grice (nee Moir)

Ian LeGrice My mum was born Valda Isabel Moir 17 November 1925 at Benfield Ave, Mt Albert To parents Lillian and Owen. She had a younger sister Lorraine – passed away a few years ago and a young brother Geoff – here with us today from Australia. Mum did her schooling at Gladstone Primary School and then Auckland Girls Grammar School She did a Hairdressing course – with Sister Lorraine.; Training that came in very useful over the years. She used to line us all up on Sunday nights, sit us on a stool in the laundry with a sheet over our shoulders, and cut our hair – short back and sides, though as fashions changed she did respect Paul and my requests for shoulder-length styles. She also did Shorthand typing night classes and later Car maintenance and Woodwork classes. These things reflecting her practical nature – and again training that she used all her life, even up to the last few months when she assembled a kitset of drawers for Sue. Val had wanted to be nurse during the war, had enrolled, and even had the uniform. However, her family had some doubts, they were concerned her asthma make nursing a difficult career, so she ended up giving up the idea of nursing and took on an office job in the health department. While the severe asthma mum suffered from may have influenced that early decision, she did not typically let it interfere with her life. She would often get nasty lung infections and would have to take herself off to bed – she would quietly endure some difficult days, only to bounce back and get on with life again. This difficult health problem did not hold mum back at all, she just managed her life around it and got on with things in spite of it. Mum had quite a number of admirers as a young woman, she was rather attractive. During the war she was quite taken with a young American man – who called her Rusty, (because of her striking red hair). Her Grandpa Drott however, was not keen on this liaison and could be found waiting at the front door for her after an evening out with him – to ensure there were no shenanigans on the doorstep. Mum was engaged to be married to another young man, however she broke it off – apparently the chap had a dark side that she was pleased to have discovered in time. She finally did meet her husband to be while working at Ellinghams. The boss’s nephew who all the girls thought was quite something took a shine to Val and started courting her – that was of course Peter. Val & Peter - Married 30 April 1949 – St Andrew’s Church, Symonds St 1950-51 - Build their first house at 35 Kildare Ave, Glendowie – that house has only just recently been moved off the section. Mum recalled, when they first moved in they had no fridge, no furniture – they used apple boxes and the like as tables and chairs. 1952 - Moved to Rotorua – Peter was the Bond & Bond warehouse manager there Paul born Rotorua 1952 1954 - Returned to Auckland Lived in the Blomfield home in Douglas Ave – and then in Val’s mother’s house at 310 St Heliers Bay Rd for a year. Ian born Auckland 1954 1955 - Moved to Mangakino where they had bought the IGA grocery market. Apparently among other things mum had the unenviable job of debt collector – chasing up bad debts around the town - of which there were many. Suzanne born Mangakino 1957 During this time, they bought the section in Vista Crescent, Glendowie and had a house designed. And also bought the grocery store at the bottom of Roberta Ave, Glendowie. 1960 – moved back to Auckland Lived in a flat in Sainsbury Rd, Mt Albert – waiting for their Vista Cres house to be finished Peter ran Roberta Ave shop Moved in to Vista Cres. Sold the Roberta Ave shop and bought one in Pt England which they later sold when larger supermarkets began to put smaller shops out of business. After that mum and dad undertook various enterprises – some successful, some not. They built a block of flats in Vale Road Were partners in a Linen company that went bankrupt Dad managed the American Soft Drink Company making 7 up and Walkers soft drinks And together they developed the Panmure Golf range – a huge undertaking While dad fronted each of these enterprises, Val was always there in the background making things work. She was practical, resourceful and strong and was usually the one shouldering the burden when things got difficult. At the end of her working life, Val worked at NZ Herald in the cheque ordering dept. She really enjoyed this time, catching the bus or hitching a ride to the city with her brother-in-law Ken who also worked for the Herald Mum had a range of personal interests She enjoyed reading, Yoga and Highland dancing She loved entertaining at Vista Crescent – we all recall the big family Xmas parties when music and dancing were highlights of the evening - The Twist being one of mum’s favourites. She made wonderful suppers whenever they entertained including those for dad and his mates during their late snooker evenings, when I’m sure she would have preferred to be in bed reading. Later mum took up bowls and Mahjong and was a member of Probus. Mum was also a keen gardener, her focus being ornamental while dad looked after the vegetables. Mum could be found weeding the rockery in front of the house up until very recently. Of course her a major interest and love was her home: She lived at 11A Vista Cres for 54 years she was very proud of her home and worked tirelessly to keep it in good order. Lately unfortunately the stairs had become a problem for her. On occasions Paul, Sue and I suggested she might like to move to somewhere smaller and on one level – she usually resisted this idea strongly but last year she had some doubts about renewing her driving license – and said perhaps she would look at moving – we were amazed but pleased. However she was successful at renewing her license – and immediately changed her mind saying “I’m here for a couple more years now” - no more talk of moving!! All of these things pale however when compared to the love and commitment she had for her family - the most important thing in her life. I am sure this will be evident from the memories Sue and Paul will share with you now.