Elizabeth DYE, 1800

Elizabeth /DYE/
Given names
Birth 1800
Birth of a sonJohn DYE
1830 (aged 30 years)
Birth of a sonRobert DYE
1839 (aged 39 years)

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From 1851 Census. address Chapel Street.Wayland. Census Place Rockland St.Peter Wayland.Norfolk. NameElizabeth Dye ; Head 'Mar. 51 F. Ag. Work b. Wymondham.Nfk. " John Dye Son UM 21 M Ag.Lab. b. Old Buckenham.Nfk. Robert Dye Son - 12 M Ag.Lab. b.Dickleborough Suf. Elizabeth Dye dau. - 8 F.. b.Lt.Ellingham.Nfk. From this, one would assume, that Elizabeth the mother, although married is living on her own, and employed on the farm, along with her 2 sons. It gives her daughter Elizabeth as being born c 1843.,so she would be around 12 years of age when Frederick LG died?.