Sir Edward CHISENHALL, 16461727 (aged 81 years)

Given names
Sir Edward
Birth 1646

Birth of a sonWilliam ChizzenhalL CHISENHALL
1716 (aged 70 years)
Death of a wifeElizabeth PLAYTERS
1727 (0 after death)
Death 1727 (aged 81 years)
Family with Elizabeth PLAYTERS
Birth: 1646Lancashire, England
Death: 1727Chisnall Hall, Cheshire, England
Birth: October 14, 1646 29 29Lancaster, England
Death: 1727Chisnall Hall, Cheshire, ENG
Birth: 1716 70 69Cumberland, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Death: 1796Orange, California, United States of America

The Chisenhall name is English going back to the 11th century. It stems from an estate in the Chorley area which is just west of Wiggan,Lancashire England between Liverpool and Manchester. So then Chise'nall or Chisen Hall Manor dates back to around 11th century. (This is from memory so more detail will require a little refreshing my memory by checking sources I have from Visiting the sites) Originally it was a moated estate,the moat is still visible but there is no house at that location on the farm that is there now. There is a 18th century house ( known as the new house)on the property and it is an operating dairy farm now. The Chisenhall name is well known in the area but few live there if any. The origin of the name is uncertain but one speculative explanation is that the old English word chissy (I believe is the spelling)meant gravel,or small pebbles. It is known that the property was a quarry for many years so the speculation was that it was a source of rock/gravel and the name Chisen Hall was given to the manor that occupied the ground nearby. (Historians say the people that occupied Chisen Hall came over with the Norman Prince William the Conqueror in 1066) So the Norman way of addressing each other was with their first (Christian name) and the place they lived eg William of Chisen Hall.