Alfred Jonathan DuncanHUDSWELL, 1860

Alfred Jonathan Duncan/HUDSWELL/
Given names
Alfred Jonathan Duncan
Birth 1860


The marriage of Ellen Davies to a widower Alfred Hudswell on 28 Jan 1900, she being 22 he 50. His sons Norman and Percy from Annie his first wife, created a very interesting and somewhat confusing set of relationships. So Ellen, by marrying Norman's father, became his step-mother and as he married her sister, also his sister-in-law. Ellen and Alfred Hudswell's daughter Winifred, 'Freda' therefore became half-sister to Norman and Percy and niece to Annie. But as Annie was wife to Freda's half-brother, then Annie was Freda's sister-in-law. And Ellen as Norman's step-mother, was her sister's mother-in-law. Norman and Annie had a son John, thus making Ellen both his Grand-mother and his Aunt, while Freda was both his Aunt and his Cousin. John's father Norman was also his Uncle (as Ellen's step-son) Therefore John became his own cousin. To complete the confusion, James Davies, farmer of Hollinsfare, Ellen's father, was at the same time, John's grand-father and great-grand-father, grand-father through his mother Annie, and great-grand-father through the marriage of Ellen to Norman's father.