John CRAWSHAW, 18291915 (aged 86 years)

Given names
Birth 1829
Farming man

Death April 27, 1915 (aged 86 years)
Address: 78 Princess St,Grey Lynn, Auckland
Burial April 29, 1915 (2 days after death)

John Crawshaw paid his own way out to New Zealand and left England on board "Catherine Stewart Forbes" a barque of 457 tons on 19 Oct 1857 and arrived in Auckland on 9 Mar 1957. He then worked at the Commissarriat in Fort St Aucklan d supplying the Military in the NZ Land Wars (or Maori Wars). After some time he received grant of 30 acres in Howick and farmed wheat, which he.carted to Partingtons Mill.He used to exchange ground wheat for bread. Although small he could lie on his back and lift a sack of of wheat above his head


Data from Respective fields.

Christening Eldest son of 5 went to Ind USA Canada

Baptism brother was Colonel in Indian Army


Found John and Elizabeth's grave sites in All Saints Anglican Church yard in 2007 with very large tombstones heavily smashed up. Thought I would return and repair them but never did. Returned in 2015 but the sites had been landscaped and all signs of the graves had disappeared. I regret that I did nothing as a piece of family history has been lost forever.


'The Journals of Vicesimus Lush" has brif entries about John and Elizabeth' courtship.

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