Marc Andre LE GRYS, 19611990 (aged 29 years)

Marc Andre /LE GRYS/
Given names
Marc Andre
Birth June 29, 1961
Death July 25, 1990 (aged 29 years)

I am however concerned about the two boxes to the left of our entry. The De Bie was in fact Elayne Shirley De Bie. Mark and Elayne were married on 26 September 1984 at Black Notley in the County of Essex. Adrienne Phillips was an extra marital affair with Mark just prior to his death and Eloise Charlotte Jane Le Grys was born from that relationship. Eloise was registered with the Le Grys name as Adrienne was hoping to marry Mark but he died before any divorce proceedings were completed. As far as I know, nobody is in contact with either Adrienne or Eloise.

As a matter of interest there has been some hacking into a Facebook account of mine that in fact, shows no details. It looks to me as if the person doing that may have hacked into the the site and added the Phillips/Eloise info.