The Coat of Arms

This Coat of Arms is a “single” coat of arms, meaning it is purely a Le Grice one and not superimposed by other Coats of Arms of families that have married into the family.There are several “differenced” coats with gold borders, reversed blue and red quarters, crowns around the crests neck and golden tusks and trotters. All of these relate to different members of the family, usually from the 16th and 17th century.

The last change was in the 1930s when a separate shield was granted to Charles Le Grice of Cornwall and the red and blue were changed into stripes and the boars courant have white spots.

There are several Church stained glass windows mainly in Norfolk that have the coat incorporated into other family coats, showing marriages. these will all be added to this page in time.

The Family Shield

We are all entitled to use informally any of the family shields except the specific one still in use by the Cornish family of Le Grices. The shield below shows a blue and red quartered shield, crossed with a grey or silver stripe and on it three running boars. The College of Heralds believes this could be a double reference to both grey and pig breeding.