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Welcome to Le Grice Genealogy.

Many appreciative folk have come upon this site and it has always been freely available to all interested viewers. After several recent attacks by spammers, and with the introduction of our new format, we have opted to ask bona fide viewers to register with us.

The objectives of this are;

  • to protect living members privacy from the wider internet
  • to avoid spam and other unwanted intrusions.
  • It will simply be like joining a small club!

We ask for the minimum of information which we will screen and within 24hrs most people will have access yet again.

We hope you see the benefits and await a flood of emails.

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It is with sadness that we note the passing of my cousin Betty (Le Grice) Edgell aged 81, on July 15, 2005. Betty has been my partner in delivering this Le Grice genealogy, via the website, to all interested people around the world. In the week before she died I promised that the work would not stop and with your help it continues apace.

Rex Le Grice October 2005